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Posted by Chash
on 08-21-04
Right. So, um, that's all folks. We again apologize for the non-ending, but, well, we suck at planning. I suck. Really, it's not Mary's fault because I was the one who wrote the scripts. And my planning is not good. So, um, of course, they'd get Karia back, and they'd remove the curse, and everyone would live happily ever after, and I don't have to worry about how exactly, which is probably just as well. Thanks for reading.
Posted by Mary
on 08-20-04
So, erm, yes. That is the end. There might have been more, but having finished that magical thing called high school, Chash and I are off to college, (to Box University and the prestigious Hobo College, respectively), and are lazy. Well, ok, I'm lazy. At any rate, it's been a fun 133 issues, and thanks to everyone who read and that one nice person who sent us fanart. I've also been asked to let everyone know, that, yes, Leonos does eventually get laid. Bye now.
Posted by Chash
on 07-09-04
Okay, I'll admit I haven't ranted in a while. I could make up a really good excuse or something, but I can't be bothered. Truth is, I got a new computer about a month ago and was too lazy to download a new FTP program. Anyway, some people have accused me of trying to murder them. I'd like to clarify, once and for all, that this is hearsay and conjecture, and maybe libel or something. I don't have to take this kind of treatment. I'm putting sugar in your gas tank.
Posted by Mary
on 07-06-04
There are times in everyone's life when one thinks to oneself, "is that an armor plated cactus?" There are also times when the answer is "yes. yes it is."
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